Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This week's C&EN

Lots of interesting articles in this week's C&EN, too: 


  1. Nothing to say about the new editor of C&EN being chosen?

    1. Other than the standard "best wishes"? Not really. Do you have thoughts?

    2. Well, leaving aside the old "hiring a foreign national (and ESL at that) for an ostensibly American job", she doesn't seem to have been on the job very long at Chemistry World. I would imagine several (many?) people at C&EN have more experience--Jyllian Kemsley, Steven Ritter, Bethany Halford... even Carmen Drahl may have about as many years 'on the beat', as near as i can tell. So... looking for someone with a web-based vision of the future? Again, several bloggers extant there already.

      The thing is, i haven't been able to figure that place out for ages. Baum finally leaves (thank god), Rouhi comes in, Rouhi transfers to Asia, Baum comes back (@%$@#!), new editor chosen... wtf? Rouhi going to Asia sounded like they were positioning themselves for the future of ACS being more Asia-centered. So now, why a European editor?

      On the plus side, PhD holder, not from a glam university. And anything's better than Rudy lecturing us on climate change with pictures of his (paid) vacations to Antarctica.

    3. Worth noting that Rudy's return to C&EN was purely an interim sort of thing.

      I suspect that there are a limited number of people who would be interested in taking on that portfolio, especially as I suspect (having no inside insight) that the push from ACS Publications is to make C&EN at least a little profitable. That's a tall order.

      b-dubs, you keep unfolding like a flower.

    4. It also looks like a generational shift, as Rouhi and Baum were both schooled in the '70s, with Balbes in the '90s.

      Was it "purely an interim thing"? I have no idea of the real story behind it but the optics of the thing were terrible... 10 year vet steps down, woman of color takes over, is rapidly pushed aside for return of Old White Man... I was surprised i never heard any online comments, given how people will comment negatively on almost any gender/diversity-related topic that can be imagined.

      b-dubs, you keep unfolding like a flower. hahaha... well that's one way to put it. "The details of my life are quite inconsequential..."

    5. I suspect you mean "Bibiana"; sadly, Lisa Balbes has not been on staff at C&EN.

    6. Yes, or i guess "Seijo" or "Campos Seijo", correct. I knew i'd spaced on the new editor's name and was going to check but alas..

  2. "wouldn't it be awesome for the President to come down, put on some PPE and clean out a cabinet or two?"

    Nah, he is to busy bringing in ebola patients to hospitals across the US to 'practice' their skills in containment.


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