Friday, November 27, 2015

Late Night with Chemjobber, Friday, November 27, 11 PM Eastern

Final plug for Late Night with Chemjobber; it'll be two hours* of guests and call-in fun, starting at 11 PM Eastern on Friday night, November 27.

Booked guests: @pinkyprincess (11 PM slot), @seearroh and @drrubidium (11:30 PM slot), Alex Goldberg (11:45 PM), St. Andrews' Lynx (12:00 AM) and Chad Jones (12:15 AM). 

Click here to hear the show at 11 PM Eastern today, and if you'd like to call in, lines open at 11:10 pm or so. The number to call in is (267) 521-0195.

Be aware that technical difficulties may happen, so apologies in advance if they happen.

UPDATE: The show has been extended.

*If we have lots of callers, I'll try to figure out how to extend the show. New software, not quite sure how to proceed. 


  1. Not sure its 100% appropriate, but in show biz don't they say "Break a leg!" ? Break a flask, maybe?

  2. what are all these giggles about? - you are sounding like a pot conference hitting the bongs hard... I would expect a more somber tone in these trying times and job market situation

  3. Just some opening night nervous jitters and a bit of holiday fun I suspect, Milkshake. No one has to tell me about the less than stellar job situation, but we can't be 100% serious ALL the time. There is something delightfully silly about someone asking you your sign; Next time it happens I am going to tell then it's that funny sideways 8 of infinity.

  4. Firstly, I will thank CJ for taking the time away from his family this evening for the event. It was a little strange to hear the question about the astrological sign, I must admit.

    While I got a laugh out of the entire event, I also found CJ's reaction to the call-in guest who was out of work to be a little surprising.

    GC, alias Professor Ashley Madison

  5. huh. chemjobber has a really good radio voice.

  6. Sorry C-jobs, forgot to call in. It was a good time for me too, but I went out for some drinks with university types instead. Some of the people who were supposed to be at the bar also bailed on me. I will definitely try to call in next time if you do this in the future. I do have a good crap talking capability and can keep up a conversation about stuff going for a while.


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