Thursday, November 19, 2015

Think it's time for a special visa?

The Indian Business Standard notes a problem in Indian drug industry regulation, as summarized by FiercePharma:
The reputation of India's massive $15 billion drug industry is being threatened at the federal and state level by a lack of properly trained personnel and a shortage of funding that points out possible changes may be needed in how the country finances inspections and quality control work, according to a report in the Business Standard. 
The newspaper said almost half of all regulatory positions in the country's central and state drug offices remain unfilled and that "existing staff (are) not trained to meet the regulatory requirements of the growing sector." 
These worries come despite the country setting aside $273 million to beef up the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) and $132 million to beef up state regulators, the report said....
Sure sounds like a STEM shortage to me!

(All joking aside, it sounds like red tape and low pay is to blame?)


  1. And I bet the Indian drug companies like it this way. Little regulation = minimum costs = maximum profits.

    I noted that the FiercePharmaAsia story used "beef up" twice and that near the top of the Business Standard page was "TRENDING ON BS".

  2. India's problems are unique and am an Indian/American. The drug discovery as we know in the West will not happen in India period. Understand that many pharmaceutical companies in India are family owned and as such they do not spend money on research. Hence they all are ready to copy cat and the Indian government policies had made it easier for them. R and D research if there is one is a fig leaf. And, with the advent of IT based technology backed by high salaries would only mean that real science takes backseat!


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