Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ivory Filter Flask: 11/8/16 edition

A few of the academic positions posted on C&EN Jobs this past week: 

Just a very few: Things are slowing down, it seems. 

Northridge, CA: Cal State Northridge is hiring two assistant professors; one for physical/analytical chemistry and the other for chemical education. Starts at 82k. [insert impressed Luca Brasi face here.] 

Cedar City, UT: Southern Utah University desires an assistant professor of physical chemistry. Offering $52,575 ("excellent benefits"!)  

Cullowhee, North Carolina: Western Carolina University is looking for an assistant professor of forensic chemistry. 

Montreal, Canada: McGill University is looking for an assistant professor in materials/nanochemistry. 

Shanghai, China: NYU Shanghai is searching for a professor of theoretical or computational chemistry; open-rank. 

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