Monday, November 7, 2016

This week's C&EN

A few of this week's issue of Chemical and Engineering News:
UPDATE: I should also congratulate Stephen Ritter on the most #chemjobs opening paragraph of the year: 
Howard J. Wilk is a long-term unemployed synthetic organic chemist living in Philadelphia. Like many pharmaceutical researchers, he has suffered through the drug industry’s R&D downsizing in recent years and now is underemployed in a nonscience job. With extra time on his hands, Wilk has been tracking the progress of a New Jersey-based company called Brilliant Light Power (BLP).
The "underemployed in a nonscience job" part makes it.  


  1. You're right, Ritter buried the lede: "ACS finds most chemists now employed in other fields; American chemical research becoming a faddish hobby like Lego Mindstorms for smart people with time on their hands."

  2. When nearing graduation from the Georgia Tech Chemistry Department in 1962, I could see no chemistry job prospects so I got a job programming computers with wires.
    I am 74 years old now and happily programming Android and Apple phones.
    Recently, I looked at the current Georgia Tech course catalog and they are teaching the same old tired courses except now they have a computer degree.
    My advice: Get out of chemistry now.


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