Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Job postings: Toronto Research Chemicals, North York, ON

From the inbox, three different positions from Toronto Research Chemicals, including:
Synthetic Organic Chemist (M.S./Ph.D., North York, ON)
Synthetic Chemist, Level 4 (B.S./Ph.D., North York, ON)
Analytical chemist (B.S./M.S., North York, ON) 
Best wishes to those interested. 


  1. TRC is a hole, they do chemistry in garbage pails, have terrible labs and don't care about safety or exposure to solvents or chemicals. They pay crap and the owner is so cheap people don't even have an email address. Avoid this place at all costs!!

    1. i am dissapointed to read that. I have recently ordered chemicals from them recently.

    2. LOL just because you run a molecular sweat shop doesn't mean you can't make good compounds!

  2. Another chemist in the GTA (Toronto area) - TRC has a rep with seasoned chemists as that dark place you don't talk about. There are always worse places to work, and TRC is one of them.


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