Friday, October 7, 2022

NYT: broader labor market might be cooling off?

Via the New York Times, this news: 
...But there are signs that the red-hot labor market may be coming off its boiling point.

Major employers such as Walmart and Amazon have announced slowdowns in hiring; others, such as FedEx, have frozen hiring altogether.

Americans in July quit their jobs at the lowest rate in more than a year, a sign that the period of rapid job switching, sometimes called the Great Resignation, may be nearing its end. Wage growth, which soared as companies competed for workers, has also slowed, particularly in industries like dining and travel where the job market was particularly hot last year.

More broadly, many companies around the country say they are finding it less arduous to attract and retain employees — partly because many are paring their hiring plans, and partly because the pool of available workers has grown as more people come off the economy’s sidelines.

I'm not sure I've seen any major signs of a slowdown in the hiring of scientists by industry (or in academia, for that matter) but it's quite possible that it is coming. I broadly predict (in a very boring fashion) that fall 2023 hiring will be less "hot" than fall 2022, but that's hardly a bold prediction. 

Best wishes to those looking now, those looking then and to all of us. 

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