Wednesday, October 19, 2022

The 2022 ACS Salary Survey is out

A longer post will come out, but for now, a quick link and the summary by Andrea Widener: 
Across all employment sectors, US chemists fared well in the third year of the pandemic, according to the American Chemical Society’s latest salary survey. Median salaries were up across the board, the survey shows. The survey was sent to 125,048 people affiliated with ACS and was open May 3–31, 2022. The response rate was 8.24%.

Unemployment also hit a record low, a likely response to booming demand for chemistry workers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. But when salaries were adjusted for inflation, they remained largely flat since 1985, with an extra dip in 2022 likely due to recent high inflation rates.

The response rate is rather alarming, but the numbers look pretty decent. More to come...  

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