Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Bribes in the freezer?

Via the hilarious Matt Levine, this story of Chinese bribes:

A new video released by a Chinese anti-corruption agency revealed a corrupt Chinese official’s unusual method of hiding his ill-gotten gains.

Last April, authorities in the eastern province of Zhejiang launched an official probe into Jiang Xunbo, a retired top official at the prefecture-level city of Quzhou, who was accused of receiving millions in bribes from different corporate executives. Jiang confessed a day after the investigation began. 

The video, posted on Sunday by the Zhejiang provincial supervisory committee on the social media platform WeChat, showed footage of officers raiding his mansion. They found bags after bags of frozen meat in his freezer, including chickens, ducks, and fish stuffed with plastic-wrapped gold bars and jewelery. They also uncovered stacks of debit and gift cards Jiang had buried under bamboo trees in his garden. 

It also showed Jiang, dressed in a white hazmat suit, sobbing in court. “I accept the legal consequences and deeply regret my crimes,” Jiang said in tears. 

What is it about people who get bribes and putting them in the freezer? (Also, what's the deal with the white hazmat suit? Probably COVID-related.) 

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  1. This falls under the 'cold hard cash' part right?


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