Monday, November 14, 2022

C&EN: Canadian orders Chinese firms to divest from Canadian lithium miners

In this week's Chemical and Engineering News, this new development (article by Matt Blois): 
The Canadian government is ordering several Chinese companies to sell their stakes in three small Canadian lithium miners, arguing that the investments pose a threat to national security.

Sinomine (Hong Kong) Rare Metals Resources must sell its shares in Power Metals; Chengze Lithium International must divest from Lithium Chile, and Zangge Mining Investment must sell its ownership in Ultra Lithium. Those mining companies are trying to set up lithium mining operations in Argentina, Canada, and Chile. Ultra Lithium and Power Metals said in statements that they are reviewing legal options...

It really feels like COVID was a watershed moment in how governments view Chinese investment - how long will this continue? 


  1. Not so much Covid but the "two Michaels" incident that played out over the last couple of years, which turned Canadian public opinion massively against China.

  2. Western double standard


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