Monday, December 27, 2010

New poll!

New poll question to your left: how will 2011's job market compare to 2010's? Go and vote!


  1. Some huge patent expirations are coming up this year. Layoffs will continue, outsourcing will continue to increase, demand for local chemists will continue to decrease, supply will continue to increase, and wages and the number of employed local chemists will continue to fall. All the while the average American, colleges, and C&EN recruits and graduates record numbers of chemists to correct our 'shortage'. Interns and postdocs make for cheap hardworking labor. This is what really matters to those who recruit more chemists, not the future of the children of America. Save your career while you still can, it will only get harder with time. Switch fields now or regret it later.

  2. the 2011 job market for chemists will be just average - a lot worse than 2010 and a lot better than 2012

  3. Is the chemistry unemployment rate due to structural or cyclical factors? I think it is structural, the jobs just are not here anymore and people need to retrain. I hope it is just a cyclical downturn in the economy, but strongly doubt this is the case.


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