Thursday, March 22, 2012

Daily Pump Trap: 3/22/12 edition

Good morning! Between March 20 and March 21, there have been 38 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 4 (11%) are academically connected and 6 (16%) are from Kelly Scientific Resources.

Milwaukee, WI: An unnamed adhesives research firm wishes to hire an experienced B.S. chemist with 10 years+ in the industry. Silicone product development experience desired.

Comin' in big: Amgen has posted 5 positions, including Ph.D. process positions (zero! to 5 years experience) in both Cambridge and Thousand Oaks. I'd love to hear the story behind these positions -- expanding or replacing?

Sugar Land, TX (?): Nalco is hiring 5 B.S. chemists for laboratory technician positions; entry level considered.

Plainfield, IN: Griot's Garage is hiring an experienced B.S. chemist for car care product development in their main manufacturing facility. Sounds like fun. (Indy will not be as nice w/o #18. Just sayin'.)

What the ?!?: You get pretty bored reading these ads day after day. That said, every once in a while, you see someone who spend their previous career writing bad romance novels. GEI Consultants is hiring a B.S./M.S. chemist for 'sensory analysis' consulting -- I think this is flavor/fragrance chemistry (emphasis mine):
Strategic thinker excited to work with the most senior leaders at companies producing some of the world’s best known brands; must be comfortable being in the room with and guiding top executives, delivering the results of our work and helping them understand implications and plan for success. 
Ability to shift from strategic thinking to analytical thinking, including test analyses, and teaching and training lab technicians. Burning desire for frequent travel over the long term, throughout the world. Innate entrepreneurial spirit and instinct. Excellent conversational and client relationship management skills. Excellent verbal, presentation and writing skills. Excellent teacher and instructor. Pleasant demeanor; selfless; team oriented. 
Burning desire.

Frederick, MD: SAIC is searching for an experienced Ph.D. medicinal chemist (5+ years) to join the NCI/NExT cancer therapeutics team. Sounds like an interesting opportunity for someone.

ACS Career Fair Watch: 49 positions for the ACS Career Fair, 213 for the Virtual Career Fair.


  1. I've always heard that burning desires are best treated with a quick dose of penicillin.

  2. Didn't Amgen just have a round of big layoffs? These types of things always look like a PR move when they're timed like this. Merck did the same thing last year, carpet bombing the ACS with "jobs" in the midst of laying off thousands of workers. Did anybody even get hired for one of the hundreds of positions that Merck advertised all those months?


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