Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ivory Filter Flask: 3/20/12 edition

Good morning! Between March 13 and March 19, there were 20 new academic positions posted to the ACS Careers website. The numbers:

Total number of ads:  20
- Postdocs:  4
- Tenure-track faculty:   10
- Temporary faculty:  3
- Lecturer positions:
- Staff positions: 3
- Ratio of US/non-US positions: 18/2

South Bracket, 2nd seed: Duke wants a Ph.D. for a 1-year undergraduate lecture position; "visiting professor of the practice" title does not make the job better, folks.

West Bracket, 6th seed: Murray State wishes to hire an assistant professor of analytical chemistry.

Pittsburg, KS: Pittsburg State desires two assistant professors of polymer chemistry.

Moscow, ID: The University of Idaho is seeking a M.S./Ph.D. in chemistry for an analytical instrumentation manager. Experience with plant and soil science desired.

New York City, NY: Bard High School Early College desires a chemistry faculty member; chemistry degree desired, Ph.D. preferred.

Claremont, CA: Pomona College seeks a M.S./Ph.D. biochemist for a biochemistry lab coordinator position.

New York, NY: Columbia University desires a B.S. chemist for a position as an undergraduate lab coordinator position; "associate in discipline" is an interesting title.

St. Peter, MN: Gustavus Adolphus College wants 2 temporary faculty in organic chemistry.


  1. Duke is 1 of 3 teams that annihilated my bracket this weekend. I hate them.

  2. I have a feeling that the professor of the practice position has already been filled. If you're going to hire a 1 year replacement, you're not going to look specifically for a professor of the practice. But, if there is a friend of the department who can fill in for a 1 year sabbatical and who the department wants to pay at the "professor of the practice" level, then that's their prerogative. Here at American U, we have a tremendous Professor of the Practice/Chemist in Residence. These are usually end of career folks or people who have made lots of money as entrepreneurs who enjoy want to spend part of their time teaching.