Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quote of the day: "Crazy Time"

I love this bit of writing by Th'Gaussling, titled "Crazy Time":
Work has been a seamless stretch of insane activity 24/7. An extended manic episode of multi-tasking and over-commitment. Nervously, we juggle chainsaws and flaming bowling balls on deck while the bow submarines into the swells. The gales of fortune tear at the spinnaker as every square foot of canvas strains to pull the ship forward. 
Coworkers are mind-numb to the incessant demands of a production schedule that is absolutely fault intolerant. I’ve been on a boat in a storm for a bakers dozen of years. Rogue waves have become the norm. Reach and grasp become disconnected as you struggle to stay on the heaving deck. Yet the captain in the wheelhouse steers the steel boat into the storm again, hoping to drop the net for one more trawl.  We lash ourselves to the mast and hope for the best.
I think it's the "drop the net for one more trawl" part that really puts the icing on the cake. 

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