Thursday, May 30, 2013

Daily Pump Trap: 5/30/13 edition

Good morning! Between May 28 and May 29, there were 17 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 1 (6%) is academically connected and 8 (47%) are from Kelly Scientific Resources. 

Chicago, IL: AbbVie is hiring a senior chemoinformatics analyst. Nice work if you can get it, I'll bet:
AbbVie is looking for a highly motivated and talented Cheminformatics Analyst to support Research Informatics in our Lake County, IL corporate headquarters. The desired candidate will have a demonstrated track record in managing large volumes of scientific data in support of drug discovery projects and should have significant experience with in-house and commercial software solutions that facilitate data acquisition and analysis for in medicinal chemistry research and drug design.  
A MS in a scientific/technical discipline (Chemistry, Biology or Computer Science) with 7 years experience, or a PhD with 3 years experience, working in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry. 
Minimum 3 years experience in cheminformatic software development. Familiar with chemistry registration and electronic lab notebooks. 
Experience programming with chemistry database, such as Accelrys chemistry cartridge, and OpenEye are preferred.
I have a question for my pharma/biotech readers. This is a job aimed directly at a mid/large pharma-type, right? Am I wrong at thinking that you don't get access to Spotfire, Pipeline Pilot and the like without working at a largish (i.e. non-academic) drug discovery institution, yes?

Cincinnati, OH: I think that Procter and Gamble is trying to hire a senior B.S./M.S. analytical chemist (principal scientist and above.) Not positive, though.

Well, it's experience: Excet is looking for a B.S./M.S. coatings/formulations chemist with 1+ years experience in the field for work at the Naval Research Laboratory. Pays 47-56k -- in the D.C. area. Uh, really? Seems a touch low.

This week in engineering positions: Genentech would like to hire a new-ish B.S. engineer for work in cell culture. Also, would someone please fill these paper mill engineering positions in Oregon? (Why are these people at C&EN Jobs, again?)


  1. Yes, that NRL salary is a bit low - DC is certainly not a cheap place to live.

    I worked at NRL in the early 70's - the market for chemists in those days was pretty awful. Fortunately, I had a clearance from my summer jobs in the Army and was a very good programmer. I got three years of good experience and got a systems programmer job in private industry.

    It pays to have a second skill!

  2. Word of warning with the Abbvie job - They just had a layoff of a bunch of their R and D folks. If they have similar policies to what their parent, Abbott, had, current and former employees ALWAYS get dibs over fresh faces.

  3. So Excet is probably getting, what, $80k from NRL?

  4. Actually that policy didn't much exist over the last few years at Abbott and really no longer applies at AbbVie. That position was posted prior to the layoffs this week, and that area was not part of the layoff. This is filling an open headcount...

    If you look on the careers section, there are a lot of openings for chemistry and biology. Those are related to the layoffs and are being filled with the people who have been displaced internally, although nothing would stop somone from applying. I'll wager that some new blood is brought in as well.

  5. Hi CJ - It wont help anyone get a job, but your comment stood out...... "I have a question for my pharma/biotech readers. This is a job aimed directly at a mid/large pharma-type, right? Am I wrong at thinking that you don't get access to Spotfire, Pipeline Pilot and the like without working at a largish (i.e. non-academic) drug discovery institution, yes?"

    Spotfire at least is readily available at the academic level - there is an individual subscription model that doesn't require a server setup. Precludes pulling data from in house databases but then those are few and far between for academics. Your statement may be accurate for PP but KNIME is a good freeware equivalent again with an individual model. It IS true that the above may not be widely recognized so your statement may be an accurate reflection of opinion.

    Academics running big Enterprise databases (ISISBase, Isentris, Registration, decent ELNs, Inventories - are few and far between though, it is true. Total herding cats issue. Some that have a stronger tech transfer (ELN) or datasharing (pseudo drug discovery/screening efforts) needs are more mature. So unless you have worked for one of the few that do have Enterprise databases then exposure is limited.

    Same mostly hold for smaller biotechs. Especially the newer set that seem to have a prejudice against anything "infrastructure".

  6. Abbvie's jobs are not real - they've been cycling ads the same positions since Abbott times. I think there's one that's been open for a couple of years.

    1. Actually, they are. That particular position they are struggling to fill. Now that we are in the days of Big Data, people with those skills are in high demand. If you've got those qualifications and have people skills, chances are you have a job...

    2. We'll return to this conversation when they'll repost the job in pressure chemistry/catalysis group.

  7. Funny. Principal Scientist at P&G is equivalent to a PhD with a decade of experience. The number of PS positions within the company is capped to a fixed percentage of total employees. Why is a company which claims that it 'promotes from within' going to external job postings for this spot? Why doesn't it fill the position internally with the many which are waiting for an open PS spot?