Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ivory Filter Flask: 5/21/13 edition

Good morning! Between May 14 and May 20, there were 4 academic positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website. The numbers:

Total number of ads: 4
- Postdocs: 0
- Tenure-track faculty:  1
- Temporary faculty: 0
- Lecturer positions:  2
- Staff positions:  1
- US/non-US: 3/1

Abu Dhabi: New York University Abu Dhabi is looking for an assistant instructor for general and organic chemistry:
New York University has established a campus in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and invites applications for several Assistant Instructor positions. We encourage applicants with experience in teaching, preferably at the undergraduate level, and in planning and conducting laboratory experiments in organic, physical and analytical chemistry. An M.S., B.S. or PhD with teaching and research experience in chemistry is preferred.
So what you're really saying is: we'll take anyone. (For those intrigued by this Abu Dhabi position, here's a recent write-up of the campus by New York magazine.)

Jupiter, FL: Scripps Florida is looking for a Ph.D. NMR core facility manager; why do they prefer local residents?

Memphis, TN: The University of Tennessee Health Science Center is looking for an assistant/associate/full professor of pharmaceutics:
The successful candidate is expected to have a strong research program in the areas of pharmaceutics, physical pharmacy, drug delivery, gene therapy, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, regenerative medicine, bio-imaging, biosensors, biomedical engineering, or other related discipline with focus on drug discovery and development. 
Casting a broad net, I see.


  1. Since I heard in a gory detail what they have done to the previous NMR guy, and since I know firsthand how vicious and tribal are the politics at Scripps Florida building A, I would discourage anyone with a weak stomach to apply. In the past I was with several institution that were quite dysfunctional but here it achieves a whole new level, an it gets very bare-knuckle too

  2. Don't want to pay travel costs for interviewing or moving costs for hiree, or they already have a candidate in mind and he/she's local? Less cynically, perhaps there's state funding for trying to retain science people in FL that Scripps would like to take advantage of.