Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bonus Ivory Filter Flask: #buttscan edition

Via See Arr Oh, a hilarious prank:
Many aspiring faculty members complain that search committees ask for lots of information they will never use (or even look at), with vague explanations of what to send. Rebecca Schuman, an adjunct at the University of Missouri at St. Louis and a blogger who writes frequently about job issues in academe, has proposed an unusual way to take a stand about such requests. On her blog, she has announced a contest in which she will pay $100 each to the first two people who send a photo of their butt to a search committee (mixed in with the other materials -- to raise the question of whether anyone would find it). Schuman is requiring that contestants provide her with proof, and that they apply for a job in their discipline for which they have the basic requirements. She also has offered to up the payout to $200 for applications to Ivy League search committees. 
Via email, Schuman said that several people have indicated that they will send tush-shots to search committees, but so far no one has provided proof.
If it were me, I'd nestle this photograph between the cheeks of the 4-page statement of teaching philosophy.

Of course, there is already a winner. Butt wishes to them, and to all of us.

[SAO asks if industrial positions deserve such a prank; I think not, in that most of the time, they're pretty bare bones. Any federal Ph.D. position that asks for undergrad transcripts, though, deserve a twin salute.]


  1. Do I get anything extra if my butt has pimples?

  2. Please have 3 references also send pictures of their butts with descriptions of how well the candidate has kissed them. Also include a narrative summary of your butt philosophy in no more than 5 pages. People with diverse butts are encouraged to apply.

    1. "diverse butts are encouraged to apply." If only Sofia Vergara was a chemist....


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