Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ivory Filter Flask: 11/12/13 edition

Good morning! Between November 5 and November 11, there have been 32 new academic positions posted to the C&EN Jobs website. The numbers:

Postdocs: 2
Tenure-track: 27
Temporary faculty: 1
Lecturers: 2
Staff: 0
US/non-US: 27/5

Touch late?: Ohio State has two positions open for assistant professors, one in Analytical Chemistry, the other in Chemical Synthesis.

Sheboygan, WI: Lakeland College wishes to hire an assistant professor of biochemistry.

Castleton, VT: Castleton State College desires a Ph.D. chemist for a joint chemistry/physics appointment; teaching p-chem, I think.

With a name like that...: Dixie State University (St. George, UT) is looking for an assistant professor of chemistry. You'll be teaching gen chem, looks like.

New York, NY: Hunter College is searching for a Ph.D. chemist to be a instrument facility manager; 55-85k. With a working spouse, might just be doable. (just)

No age discrimination there!: Sichuan University is looking to hire professors of chemistry: 
The College of Chemistry at Sichuan University (SCU) is actively recruiting high level faculty candidates from home and abroad. We offer a generous start-up package, laboratory space, and competitive salaries (specifics are negotiable). We are currently hiring multiple faculties in the following two positions: 
1.  Multiple faculty positions at the Full Professor level with research emphasis in Organic Chemistry (Physical Organic Chemistry), Physical Chemistry (Catalytic Chemistry) and Radiochemistry. 
Strong research background and exceptional accomplishments.
Less than 40 years old.
Ability to direct a nationally-funded major research program. 
2.  Multiple faculty positions at Assistant, Associate and Full Professor levels with research emphasis in Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry. 
Ph.D or equivalent degree in relevant area.
Less than 60 years old.
Extensive teaching experience at the university level.
Native English speaker (required).
What I love about the Chinese and hiring is their rather blunt requirements. While I think age discrimination is undesirable and wrong, I think it's better to get our biases out up front than have them hidden by other, prettier language. 


  1. I can only hope one of the other readers is also a fan of MST3K and remembers Castleton and it's place in a well-loved film from that show. Believe me, i'd do it just for the t-shirt.

  2. With regard to the Chinese age requirement...

    I'm currently in a Japanese university, so I may know where a bit of this is coming from. In principle at most universities, there is a forced retirement age. It's called 定年 (tei nen) in Japanese. At this age, usually between 65 and 68), professors are required to retire. My advisor is facing this soon. Basically, the year I graduate will be his last. In some ways, it's good and some ways it's bad. When I think about the 70 to 80 year old professors back at my school in the US, I think it's a good thing. They've stopped doing research and just teach (mostly). Other than that, they take up a salary and a position that could be filled by a younger faculty member that is research active. That's really, from what I've been told, is the motivation in Japan.

    It's bad for someone like my advisor who is in excellent health, has a big group, and is VERY research active. In this situation, many professors leave their posts in Japan and head off to prestigious posts in Korea or Singapore to continue their research.

    So, China may be the same. This is just my best guess based on what I know from my desk in Japan.


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