Monday, November 11, 2013

This week's C&EN

Interesting tidbits in this week's C&EN:
  • Marc Reisch covers the lawsuit between Materia and Evonik over Grubbs' catalyst. I'm surprised this hasn't been bigger news, especially over the patents filed by Wolfgang Herrman (1998) versus Grubbs (2000, 2001.) 
    • I've heard various things about Materia and its patents, especially that their licensing fees for industry are particularly high. Readers, any truth? 
  • Rick Mullins' coverage of CPhI was worth a read, especially the bit about "crappy chemical processes." 
  • Become a ACS Public Policy Fellow!  (by Connie Murphy)


  1. I saw this article, and while I don't think you're a regulatory person, I thought this (or at least the part titled "How to Fail an FDA Inspection") might be amusing.

    1. Serves me right for not reading that particular article! Thank you, Hap.


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