Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The gap between new graduates and ACS members is still significant

Credit: C&EN
The gap between the employment rate of new graduates and median ACS members is still too wide.  (Of course, that's comparing people who are 21 and 22 versus many who are in their 40s and 50s.)  Just in case anyone forgot...


  1. *The gap between reality and ACS surveys is still significant

  2. Also, comparing new graduates of all disciplines vs. everyone in ACS, mayhaps?

  3. Hey, it looks like things are picking up for new graduates… oh wait. Never mind.

    I think we have a pipeline problem. Better send some more students through to clear out the clog.

  4. no problem. We'll just layoff the non-protected age groups to make room for these poor new graduates who willing entered a down field! Goodbye 30-40 year olds. Thanks for giving us your prime lab years - but we really gotta keep this STEM faucet flowin'!

  5. Perhaps it is simply shows declining ACS relevance?

  6. Where does this data come from? What does it mean when most of us under 25 are not likely membersdue to the costs being so high relative to pay?

  7. It comes from the ACS Starting Salary Survey, which has an incredibly unlovely response rate.

    From the linked article: NOTE: Data for members and chemistry graduates who are unemployed but seeking employment. Data for 2013 on new graduates are not yet available. SOURCES: ACS Starting Salary Survey, ACS Comprehensive Salary & Employment Status Survey

    1. And yes, it's a huge problem that 1) young people tend not to join the ACS and 2) even when they do, they tend not to answer surveys about their statuses.


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