Thursday, March 27, 2014

Job posting: nuclear power plant chemist, Brownville, NE

From the inbox, an unusual position: 
Implement and maintain chemistry, radiochemistry, radioactive effluents, and chemical control programs at Cooper Station to assure maximum performance, meet regulatory obligations/commitments, and comply with technical specifications and ODAM related to plant chemistry and radioactive effluents. The major aspects include ensuring instrumentation and process monitors are operated and maintained according to NRC, NPDES, Fuel Warranty requirements, INPO guidelines and development of the Chemistry staff. Review and coordinate Chemistry Department work schedule via the T-Process Work Week Scheduling. Serve as the champion of high standards of Human Performance Tool Usage within the Chemistry Department. Serve as program coordinator for BWRVIP, EPRI, INPO, Fuel Warranty, and station mandated chemistry programs. Coordinate and implement corrective actions and enhancements to Chemistry Department programs. 
Description of ideal candidate 
Qualifications: B.S. degree in Chemistry or related field of study, plus three years experience as described below.  
Detailed knowledge of chemistry and radiochemistry process and controls, chemical and radiological process monitors, and plant systems as they relate to the nuclear chemistry environment with a minimum of three years experience in chemistry. 
Not everyday I hear about this sort of position. Pays well, too, at 90k for Nebraska.  

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  1. I'm guessing that understanding corrosion would be very helpful in this position.


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