Friday, September 15, 2017

Ivory Filter Flask: 9/15/17 edition

A few academic positions posted recently at C&EN Jobs:

Urbana, IL: UIUC, conducting an open-rank search focusing on "a special emphasis on analytical, inorganic, and materials chemistry." 

Queens, NY: St. John's University is looking for an assistant professor of medicinal chemistry. 

Austin, TX: Open-field search at UT-Austin for two assistant professors.

Amherst, MA: Amherst College, looking for an assistant professor of inorganic chemistry. 

Terre Haute, IN: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is hiring an assistant professor of organic chemistry and an assistant professor of analytical chemistry.

Burnaby, BC: Simon Fraser University is searching for an assistant professor of nuclear medicinal chemistry.

Nice name: There's a multi-university Actinide Center of Excellence? They're looking for postdocs at various universities (Notre Dame, Washington State, Oregon State, Minnesota, Northwestern.) Must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. 

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  1. Does anyone know what it is like teaching at Rose-Hulman (or what the current environment is like there)? I remember from my own undergraduate days that it had an incredibly prestigious undergraduate Chem engineering program, but I got the impression that the students tended to be quite a bit more entitled than the average (the average being pretty entitled to begin with.) I wonder if that still holds true. Also, I was surprised that their advertisement didn't mention external funding and focused mostly on teaching. Does anyone know if that is an accurate portrayal of the actual job there?


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