Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"Psssst, hey kid"

"Got some postdocs, too." 


  1. Just follow the red balloon.

  2. Somewhat relevant IT meme:

  3. "I've got a really selective ligand for that receptor you're studying--and it's got good oral bioavailability, too."

  4. I got a job invitation just like this one, in my reddit private mail, two weeks ago:

    from sunclouds89 sent 3 hours ago
    Custom synthesis grey area dissociatives... Something not too far from this,
    Very good pay, if interested please reply a private email

    Needless to say, making analogs of ketamine/PCP isn't the job that I had in mind

    The same dude yesterday posted a job offer for "a mobile drug testing lab", (it has been taken down since then), so I warned the prospective applicants about the sketchiness of this guy, because he apparently got few serious sounding queries

  5. Hey CJ, perhaps you can talk about this reddit thread in a future post:

    In this area, anecdata is more valuable than actual data!


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