Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Academic Staff Jobs List: initial post and open thread

The Academic Staff Jobs list has 18 positions.

This list is curated by Sarah Cady. It targets:
  • Full-time STAFF positions in a Chem/Biochem/ChemE lab/facility at an academic institution/natl lab
  • Lab Coordinator positions for research groups or undergraduate labs 
  • and for an institution in Canada or the United States
Want to help out? Here's a Google Form to enter positions.that works, too.

Want to chat about staff scientist positions? This post will serve as the open thread.

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  1. Staff scientist positions at national labs are PIs that run their own groups. These jobs are highly secure, autonomous, and desirable. For those who like the national lab environment, they are roughly equivalent to a tenure track faculty position. The one difference is there is still a hierarchy, you do report to someone, and often your boss needs to be on your papers on the PI list. But you are essentially raising money, mentoring postdocs, and running your own research program.

    The equivalent to an academic staff scientist would be a project scientist--someone who is paid more than a postdoc but often mainly does lab work or manages specific tasks, and is paid off of specific grants.

    I think it's worth drawing the distinction in the national lab environment because a staff scientist is no where near what being a lab manager/academic staff scientist would be like in terms of autonomy, intellectual freedom, and managerial role.