Friday, August 21, 2009

Daily Pump Trap: 8/21/09 edition

Mornin', folks. Since August 11, there have been 170 new jobs posted.

Workin' for the complex: SAIC (a major, major defense contractor) is looking for a Senior Scientist to do work in NCI's Developmental Therapeutics program in fungal natural products. Awesome.

Is there an electrochemist in the house?: DOE is looking for a senior electrochemist to lead their electric battery team. For the good of the country, I hope they get someone good.

Really workin' for the complex: The Navy's looking for a couple of postdocs to do inorganic/organic synthesis, with an eye towards explosives. If you take these positions, hope you like it dry.

Kelly time!: Are you a chemist? Do you want to do chemistry, maybe in a lab? Kelly Scientific Resources and the American Chemical Society want to know if you're interested in being a master's level molecular biologist, having a RN's license, looking after animals or working in a chicken vivarium!

ACS powers-that-be: I'm not going to quit on this.


  1. I actually had one of those desert navy postdocs before my current position. They go out of their way to make the work environment friendly and supportive because let's face it, the town they're located in doesn't have a lot to offer. The cost of living out there is very, very low as well. If you can put up with the desert wasteland it's ok. Having said that, I could not put up with the desert wasteland and I never really met anyone there who was an unreserved fan...

  2. What was that last line about ACS all about?

  3. @Anon7:02A: Willing to talk about it? E-mail me at the address at the top right -- I'd love to hear about it.

    @philip: It's my hope that ACS Careers bigwigs are aware of this problem with KSR's postings. They're cluttering up a relatively useful resource.

  4. Oh, c'mon, how is it worse than scores of those Boeing ads posted everywhere? Mission Ops Specialist is today's highlight.

  5. "Mission Ops Specialist" at least sounds cool. Not to get all Finchsigmate-like on you, but "animal lab technician" is code for "lab rat poop scraper", ya know.

    Look, if you want to be a biologist, I'm all for it. That stuff's fun, whatever, but most of the time, you get a degree in chemistry to be a chemist.


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