Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Daily Pump Trap: 11/5/13 edition

Good morning! Between October 31 and November 4, there were 73 new positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website. Of these, 24 (33%) were academically connected and 32 (43%) were from Kelly Scientific Resources. 

Louisville, KY: Momentive is searching for a B.S./M.S./Ph.D. chemist (3-10 years experience) to be a technical service chemist; looks to be a project management type.

East Chicago, IN: ArcelorMittal is looking for a metals testing chemist.

Woburn, MA: Like the swallows to Capistrano, Organix is looking for postdocs. I feel like this language is new:
Organix Inc. is an internationally recognized Contract Research Organization situated in the vibrant and exciting area of Boston, Massachusetts.
Vibrant! Exciting! (Honestly, that's probably accurate, for people in our field.) 40-48k. Woo!

Little Lost Lamb, Law Firm Edition: A law firm in Manhattan wants to ask members of the American Chemical Society if they have the following:
Bachelor of Science or higher degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering or a related field of study. 
Two to three years of law firm or industry experience or at a minimum a general understanding of the patent prosecution process. Admission to the USPTO preferred but not required. 
Experience with cellular digital data and signal processing a plus.
Can't find it? Must be a STEM shortage.

Little Lost Lamb, Kelly edition: Are you a chemist? Do you like chemistry? Kelly Scientific wants to know if you want to be a non-profit Aquatic Director:
The role of the Aquatic Director is to provide administrative oversight and strategic direction to program areas, swim lessons, and related staff. In addition, aquatic safety and successful risk management procedures must be implemented. The successful candidate will have a strong knowledge in aquatics management to include programming, swim lesson instruction, first/aid and CPR instruction, water chemistry knowledge, and facilities. The ability to assess information quickly, to seek input from others, and to communicate directly and effectively is necessary. A bachelor-s degree, W.S.I. certification (or equivalent) and L.G.I. certification is required. Additional aquatics certifications are preferred.
Non-traditional jobs in chemistry indeed. 


  1. How desperate would one have to be to take a post doc at a CRO?

    1. Not that desperate. Organix takes Postdocs because they don't need to sponsor for the government. Postdocs are qualified as visiting scholars and the legal issues are greatly reduced as well as the salary. For other CROs it is a real pain in the rear due this undercutting of labor.

      Just my 2 cents.

  2. Re: the law firm - it's for patent law. In order to practice patent law you need a technical degree of some sort. Which is why they're hitting up technical professional societies.

    Maybe they thought that the ACS was the american computer society?

    1. But the name of the position is "Technology Specialist (Electrical Engineer/Computer Science)". I mean, what makes people think that the ACS has electrical engineers?!?

  3. East Chicago is in Indiana just fyi.

  4. Also, the ad calling Woburn "area of Boston" is very generous. Kind of like saying Newark is in the "area of New York".

  5. Woburn really is considered Boston Area... Most everything inside of rt 128 is thought of that way.

    However 40-48K won't go very far here... Heck that is what I would expect a BS in Chemistry straight out of school to get.

    1. It's at/above the NIH recommended minimum. Lots of grad students are happy to upgrade to that amount of money (which tells you everything you need to know about grad school stipends).

  6. I saw postings from a NJ-based pharma recruiter stating 15 openings with a NJ firm. Anyone know which company is on a hiring binge?

  7. Kelly Services? Adecco?

  8. Bizarre that the IP engineering job is on the ACS website. And "Admission to the USPTO preferred but not required" - as in, someone who has passed the patent bar (a patent agent, perhaps) or someone who was offered a job as a patent examiner (but how do you confirm that an offer was received?)


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