Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Help wanted: the American Council on Science and Health needs a new president

Josh Bloom is a former Wyeth medicinal chemist and a friend of the blog. He's now the Director of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the American Council on Science and Health, which is a non-profit that presents industry viewpoints on issues of science and medicine. He's asked for some help with finding a president for his organization: 
Job description: The President of ACSH acts as the primary spokesperson for the organization and determines the overall direction and execution of the organization’s mission, operations and strategic plan. The successful candidate will have an advanced degree (Ph.D., M.D., J.D.).  He or she should have a strong interest in public health, science and medicine.   
Desired Skills and Experience: The successful candidate will possess an advanced degree, have excellent writing and presentation skills, a strong interest in public health, science and medicine. An established record of managerial experience is required. Some fundraising experience a plus. 
Send resume and cover letter to Dr. Josh Bloom, bloomj -at- acsh/dot/org
I like ACSH a lot, since they counter a lot of nonsense out there about chemophobia, and the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, so I'm happy to help them with this search. It's also a chance (any time you have a leadership opening) to make a good organization better.

It seems to me that they're looking for someone who's relatively senior (i.e. not my age), who has leadership experience and doesn't have a problem asking people for money. But here's the key: this person should really enjoy getting in front of a camera and defending science and medicine as a field and as an industry.

For the right person, I would think such a position would be fun -- that said, it'd probably be a lot of hard work and you'd have to enjoy arguing with people. Readers, have any ideas? 


  1. Here's your guy:

  2. Send it over to Derek Lowe...

  3. Do they pay better than my current job?

    1. It should, as a public servant ( I assume) you only make say $50,000/yr max.

      Wait a minute.......


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