Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ivory Filter Flask: 11/5/13 edition

Good morning! Between October 29 and November 4, there were 35 new academically-related positions posted to the C&EN Jobs website. The numbers:

Postdocs: 0
Tenure-track: 31
Temporary faculty: 1
Lecturers: 1
Staff: 1
US/non-US: 32/3

Annapolis, MD: The U.S. Naval Academy wishes to hire an assistant professor of chemistry or biochemistry; any school where the students are not allowed to fall asleep in class is one that a teacher might be interested in.

San Diego, CA: UCSD has a Lecturer with Potential for Security of Employment position -- interesting, in that the position seems to be oriented towards teaching of aspiring high school science teachers.

Ottawa, Canada: The University of Ottawa desires a chair in materials chemistry. This "Tier 1" stuff, that's a big deal, right?

Urbana, IL: UIUC is looking for a solid-state NMR spectroscopist to work in the NMR laboratories.

Toledo, OH: The University of Toledo wishes to hire an assistant professor; an interest in bioanalytical chemistry is desired.

West Hartford, CT: The University of Hartford is looking for an assistant professor of biochemistry for fall 2014.

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  1. Re USNA position factoid: Does not require active or reserve status in the Navy (or other Military Branch) to hold the job. Although many years since I knew someone who taught there to teach at the Air Force Academy one had to be actually in the Service. I believe it was the same for West Point however wonder if those requirements remain in effective as presumably can be tougher to find qualified candidates.


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