Monday, December 16, 2013

An interesting correction

In this week's C&EN's letters section, an interesting correction from this article by Sophie Rovner:
In the same article, C&EN incorrectly characterized Pfizer’s medicinal chemistry hiring plans. Pfizer is looking to enhance its in-house synthetic organic chemical capabilities to complement the talents of its contract research partners. The goal is to build internal synthetic problem solving for particularly challenging molecules.
I have to go hunting in my garage for this issue to figure out what Pfizer objected to... 


  1. I'd bet the original article made it seem like Pfizer was hiring medicinal chemists (designers), not synthesis folks.

  2. The likely difference is they are enhancing capabilities which sounds Pfizerian for a reorganization/outsourcing not hiring more people.

  3. Pfizer is indeed making it clear that they are not hiring medicinal chemists (designers) but will be looking for synthetic chemists. In Pfizer's world they are not the same and absolutely not interchangeable.


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