Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Interesting news tidbit

Don't know what to think of it, but from the inbox, a (lightly edited) comment from a reader in India:
After shutting down CNS in US, Biocon Bristol Myers-Squibb Research Centre (BBRC) Bangalore, India has laid off about 30% of its work force in medicinal chemistry including the director. This centre was CNS centric, most of the work was on CNS diseases.
Anyone else have a similar story to report?  


  1. True, More are coming. It seems CNS, Diabetes and Virology are hit badly at India Centre. With Diabetes sold to AZ, It seems BMS will bail out of India R & D.

  2. Great! A new supply of cheap highly skilled Indian post-docs to tap into for US academia! I'm saved!

  3. Who really cares about someone in India losing his job?

  4. Any one who loses job is a sad news.
    Important news is that BMS is cutting Job all over.
    What they are upto?

  5. Lol!! Its been a long time since I've heard "rumint" and it was never outside of the intel community! :D


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