Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Job posting: formulation chemists, Toronto/Guelph, Ontario

From the inbox, formulation chemist positions at Vive Crop Protection, a junior and a senior one. First position desires 3-5 years in the field, the second one requires a minimum of 5-8 years in a related field.

Here's one of the job descriptions:
We are looking for a Chemist – Formulations. The Chemist is part of the formulations research team and reports to a Senior Chemist and/or Team Lead. This position provides technical support of the company’s product development by conducting experiments, performing research and development activities and reporting on performance and results. This is a bench position helping development of new aqueous particle-based formulations of agricultural active ingredients.
Click on the links above for the contact e-mails. Good luck! 


  1. Hi!
    What do you think of this job posting?
    No company name, just a GMAIL address to send resumes...



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