Thursday, December 5, 2013

Daily Pump Trap: 12/5/13 edition

Good morning! Between December 3 and December 4, there were 27 new positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website. Of these, 11 (41%) were academically connected and 7 (26%) were from Kelly Scientific Resources.

Monroeville, PA: PPG is hiring an experienced Ph.D. synthetic organic chemist for a position working on optical materials. 3+ years industry experience desired.

Cincinnati, OH: Well, that 55+ position B.S. chemist position I was talking about a week or two ago was posted on C&EN Jobs. Do I see that correctly that it is for $12.72/hour? Oh, dear.

Atlanta, GA: I have no idea what this UL technical manager position is about, although it probably has something to do with being an analytical chemist. Good luck!

Cincinnati, OH: Procter and Gamble is looking for a Ph.D. analytical chemist to be its atomic spectroscopy group leader.

Indianapolis, IN: Kelly Scientific posts a position for what can only be Dow Agrosciences; they desire a very specific kind of synthetic organic chemist:
Kelly Services is in need of Synthetic Organic Chemist to join the team at a top-tier agricultural company, located in the Indianapolis area.

Requirements: Must have Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, along with up to 10 years relevant experience in an industry or research setting OR Master’s degree in Chemistry and up to 5 years experience in an industry or research setting. Prefer experience with Discovery Chemistry, or heterocyclic chemistry.

**Candidates with a PhD would be considered over qualified for the position**
Most of the time, posting B.S./M.S. or "senior research associate" would be enough to stave off the Ph.D. resumes. To me, this is more anecdotal evidence of a Ph.D. organic chemist surplus. 


  1. no, it says: we want people that can do the work with little supervision, and will not demand promotion, we already have enough stock for breeding the dynamic managers and now we want the workhorses too, the kind that can be paid in slightly moldy hey

  2. CJ, not sure if you follow the comics but today's Doonesbury seems right on target.

  3. I was employed at Dow Agrosciences with Kelly scientific about 9 months ago. Sounds like another contractor left and they need the position filled. However, they were able to hire me straight out of school. If you have enough organic synthesis experience in academia, you do not need previous industry experience to perform the job. While my impression of Kelly Scientific leaves room for improvement, everyone I worked with at Dow Agrosciences was very professional.

    Not familiar with the ISCO chromatography system, no problem. It will take you a morning or afternoon to learn everything you will need to know. I liked the line in the job ad about training on how to use the in-house chemical inventory system. "What, you don''t have previous experience using our own proprietary software? Sorry, not interested."

    One more thing. Sitting through some of those Dow safety meetings will lead to questions concerning your sanity.


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