Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ivory Filter Flask: 9/2/14 edition

Good morning! A few of the academically-related positions posted on C&EN:

Cambridge, MA: MIT is searching for a professor of chemistry, preferably at the assistant professor level. Focus for the position: "...the areas of inorganic, organic or physical chemistry, broadly defined."

Bellingham, WA: Western Washington University is looking for an assistant professor of inorganic chemistry:
Applicants with experimental or theoretical/computational research interests are encouraged to apply, as are candidates with interdisciplinary interests.
Experiment or theoretical? That about covers it, yes?

Ithaca, NY: Cornell University is searching for an assistant professor of chemistry, preferably in the areas of  inorganic, materials, organic, and theoretical chemistry.

Evanston, IL: Northwestern University desires an assistant professor in organic chemistry or "organic systems chemistry", which is a term I've never heard of before.

Rehovot, Israel: The Weizmann Institute of Science is looking for assistant professors in chemistry.

West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University is looking for a tenured or tenure-track professor of chemical education. Narrow number of those, I'm guessing.  


  1. I think that Bellingham job is a failed search from last year.

  2. so MIT wants someone to teach freshman or sophomore chemistry?


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