Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Daily Pump Trap: 9/15/15 edition

A few of this week's positions on C&EN Jobs: 

Laurel, MD: The FDA is looking for a deputy division director for the Division of Residue Chemistry within the Center for Veterinary Medicine. (Someday, I'm gonna learn all the FDA centers.) Offered salary: 107,325.00 - 139,523.00. 

Bristol, PA: AstaTech searching for a QC chemist. Glassdoor salaries looking middlin' at best.

Jesup, GA: Rayonier Advanced Materials desires a Ph.D. chemist for a senior scientist position; it's cellulose-related and they're looking for an organic chemist - interesting. 

Dugway Proving Ground (Utah, I think): Jacobs routinely advertises these "project chemist" positions. I applied for one once, didn't get anywhere. 

Diamond Bar, CA: The South Coast Air Quality Management District (Los Angeles area) is looking for air quality chemists. Salary: $5,147.00 - $7,657.00/monthly.


  1. John, we will manage our cutting-edge portfolio of business-speak catchwords, and we also align your projects and re-focuse your priorities, so that you can do your work while we are happily facilitating it

  2. CBER (Biologics and Vaccines), CDER (Drugs), CDRH (Devices and Radiation), CFSAN (Food), CVM (Veterinary Medicine), CTP (Tobacco), and NCTR (National Center for Toxicology Research). Enforcement happens in a separate hierarchy, but most of the regulatory writing and decision making happens in these centers.


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