Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ivory Filter Flask: 9/1/15 edition

A few of the academically-related positions from C&EN Jobs:

Providence, RI: Brown University is looking for an assistant professor in inorganic chemistry or theoretical / computational chemistry.

Blacksburg, VA: Virginia Tech desires an assistant professor of chemistry for its integrated science curriculum.

Los Angeles, CA: Does anyone have a comment on these "Teacher/Scholar Postdoc/Lecturer" positions at UCLA? (Other than the fact that these positions will use what seems like thousands of words in the title to obscure the fact that it's a teaching position?) (Aren't they missing a "vice" or "senior"?)

Notre Dame, IN: Here's a "teaching faculty" search at the University of Notre Dame.

Orlando, FL: The University of Central Florida is searching for an assistant professor of biochemistry.

Atlanta, GA: Emory University is looking for a lecturer in chemistry; physical chemistry or biochemistry focus desired.

Hyde Park, NY: The Culinary Institute of America is searching for a food science professor position.

Update: The joint Chembark/Chemjobber chemistry faculty openings list is at 189 positions, as of August 31. 

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