Friday, December 18, 2015

C&EN: DuPont Central Research "will soon cease to exist"

DuPont Central Research & Development, one of the most prestigious and accomplished research organizations in the chemistry world, will soon cease to exist. 
According to a memorandum obtained by C&EN and authenticated by DuPont, the company will combine DuPont Science & Technology and DuPont Engineering into a single organization called Science & Engineering, effective Jan. 1, 2016. “As part of this integration, Central Research & Development will be substantially redesigned to become ‘Science & Innovation’,” states the memo, attributed to DuPont Chief Science & Technology Officer Doug Muzyka. 
DuPont isn’t commenting on questions regarding the numbers of possible layoffs or the fate of central research labs at DuPont’s Chestnut Run facility and Experimental Station, both in Wilmington, Del....
Read the whole thing. Best wishes to all affected.

UPDATE: More details from Delaware Online.


  1. Good luck to those affected.

  2. And as a backdrop, Alan Greenspan says, More H1B Visas!

    1. I never thought that I would say this, but Ted Cruz got something right. He called to raise the minimum salary for H1B up to north of $100,000 a year. For the jobs where they really need someone, that isn't too much to expect for a scarce resource, and for jobs where the goal is less noble, it would discourage experiments in outsourcing.

    2. I hate to agree . . . but here I am

    3. Cruz got it right.

  3. I sometimes hear another PhD at work say: "We could pay making 30% more if we worked at DOW or Dupont". I'm always skeptical that we would be able to find jobs there, and if so, how long would we have them for?


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