Thursday, December 17, 2015

Your morning shot of schadenfreude

If you haven't heard already, federal prosecutors arrested Martin Shkreli for insider trading due to his time as CEO of Retrophin (before he was at his current company and he got a chance to jack up the price of Daraprim.).

I have a funny feeling he will not go to trial, nor be convicted. 


  1. I don't know - it does look too much like a prosecution motivated by him being a smirking ubiquitous weasel.

    I would be curious why it took so long. I thought Retrophin had been suing Shkreli for awhile, and they would have figured a federal prosecution would help their case along, so I assume that they would have given information to the Feds with that thought in mind. If the information were good enough to arrest him, why not have done it sooner? Did they develop something during the trial that wasn't found initially that improved their position?

    I'd like to be wrong, though.

    1. Hopefully it was a legal team putting together a substantial case against him. If my experience with lawyers is anything to go by, even a menial task proceeds at a snail's pace

  2. Who is that front man? He is eclipsing the ex-Retrophin man! I thought the best way one can shame greedy, lying fellows are to publish his picture in open!

  3. This is your blog, and so of course you can write whatever you wish. But if I want to hear about Shkreli, then I will just look at Reuters, ABC or Google News. Please something more original.

  4. For those interested in peeking behind the headlines, Vanity Fair Online (hmm, I know what you're thinking) has this about our poster child.


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