Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This week's C&EN

A late start to the week. A few articles from this week's issue of C&EN:


  1. Ironically, the article by Robin D. Rogers will result in the increased use of synthetic blood pressure medication, some of which will be taken with water from bottles not produced from biomass. This will make Jenny McCarthy weep.

  2. San Diego, Boston’s major West Coast rival

    Did San Francisco fall into the ocean?

    1. Great catch. That's a sort of goofy statement.

  3. Interesting perspective by Robin D. Rogers. The color of his jacket was even crimson, the official color of McGill. I still have some friends up there from a while back, who are excellent (unemployed) chemists, after yet more industry pulled out of Canada.

    Of course, Rogers was also plugging his own research program, but he does have a point: chemists are herd animals and most loathe to do anything outside of the box. One example from today was the absence of chemists when it came to the growing scandal in the Exxon-Mobil cover-up of previous knowledge of global warming, which now appears to have its origins back in the 1970s.


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