Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Daily Pump Trap: 12/15/15 edition

A few of the positions posted on C&EN Jobs this past week:

Terre Haute, IN: Taghleef Industries is searching for a B.S./M.S. research scientist in product development.

Madison, NJ: Merck looking for an "associate director of API technology portfolio management." 10 years experience, B.S. in chemistry/chemical engineering needed.

Seattle, WA: The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is looking for an experienced medicinal chemist; looks like conjugation chemistry experience desired.

Decatur, GA: Koch Ag & Energy Solutions looking for a M.S./Ph.D. senior research chemist for fertilizer applications.

North Brunswick, NJ: I feel like this isn't the first time Chromocell has been looking for an operations manager? 

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  1. Well, if there is one thing that the Koch brothers have plenty of, it is fertilizer. :-)


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