Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chemistry-themed Valentine's Day cards

Credit: Nick Uhlig
I still think these chemistry-themed Valentine's Day cards from Nick Uhlig are impossibly clever, with a fresh batch for 2017. 


  1. I shudder to think how my wife would react to such a card.

  2. The sad inner meaning of allene Valentine: "You and me, we hardly interact as there is a lack of emo overlap. I wish we were conjugated instead."

    1. actually, even when magnetically equivalent, protons still couple. it's just that this cannot be observed by NMR because the spin transitions don't have their energies altered by the J coupling.

      so they only couple "in private".

  3. The coupling one made me laugh last year, but the person I would give it to wouldn't quite know what to make of it. Such is love.

  4. The cards cover physical, analytical, and organic chemistry. The pricing accommodates monogamous and promiscuous customers by giving the cost per card and noting there is a 20% discount on orders of 8 or more cards.

  5. ... though if any vicinal protons enter the picture, we're splitting.

  6. A Hallmark-worthy sentiment!

  7. Fun fact: One of my aunts is named Allene (the name is related to Aileen). She tells me she hears a lot of chemistry jokes about her name.


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