Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Job posting: Production chemist, Hazel Technologies, Skokie, IL

Via Twitter, an interesting opportunity in Skokie, IL: 
Production Chemist 
Position Overview: 
At Hazel Technologies, production chemists work to run and optimize our product manufacturing. Applicants should have bachelor’s or master’s degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science or related field and a demonstrated capacity for independence in the laboratory. Previous industry experience is considered desirable, but not required. Production chemists work directly with our COO to optimize and scale new product processes. 
1) Perform Product Manufacture for BerryBrite™ and FruitBrite™ product lines.
2) Maintain quality control for Hazel TechSM products.
3) Manage product and manufacturing input inventory.
4) Assist Hazel Technologies scientists in product and process development for new agriscience applications. 
- BS/BA Chemistry, Materials Science, or Chemical Engineering
- 1-2 Years Wet Laboratory Experience
Link here. Best wishes to those interested.  

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