Thursday, May 2, 2019

Job posting: 2 remote positions, Master Organic Chemistry

Friend of the blog James Ashenhurst is looking for two part-time employees for his website:
Master Organic Chemistry (MOC) is hiring for two part-time (10+ hours/week), non-lab, 100% remote positions: Organic Chemistry Literature Researcher, and Chemical Drawing Assistant.
Best wishes to those interested. 


  1. 20 USD/hour is not a good rate

    1. Ya, I can't justify spending two hours per night after work to do some boring tasks at that rate. I imagine this would be great for undergrads, grad students, or post-docs...

    2. It's better than what the Princeton Review people offer for online tutoring, I saw an ad where they offer USD 13 to 15.

    3. you may have noticed that some unnamed companies already stopped recruiting for 6 month temp positions without benefits. When the economy is booming, maybe one should not take exploitative jobs. The competition works both ways.