Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Laboratory Life: A Poem, by @ChemistryCayk

By @ChemistryCayk

why do so many experiments fail?
why does glassware take so long to come in the mail?
why is this protein absurdly expensive?
why is this metal salt moisture- and air-sensitive?

optimise the methods and hope for the best
so, that one didn't work, which experiment is next?
adjust one parameter... well, that didn't work
let's see what the fit shows on Lineweaver-Burk

react for an hour, and then over night
huh, that's kind of funny, yes, that doesn't seem right
collect all the data, and well, it looks strange
these points seem just fine, but some are out of range

try this again, remember to take the flask
a seemingly simple but often forgotten task
label the falcon tubes and all of the vials
if the samples get mixed up, I will be sad for a while

back to the drawing board, what have I learned
from past experiments that have crashed and burned
this process is tough, and though I am stressed
I have to remember I am doing my best


  1. needs work on the meter ...