Friday, May 10, 2019

View From Your Hood: new chemistry building edition

Credit: Tariq Bhatti
From reader Tariq Bhatti, of Rutgers - New Brunswick:

"I like this view, looking west toward the hills and the bend in the Raritan River. The glass facade offers sweeping views of sunsets (and sunrises).  On clear nights, we can see Manhattan in the distance. The cogeneration plant is also visible. We were nonplussed by the giant caffeine molecule that was installed one morning ("The PhD Molecule"), but we're learning to embrace it."

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  1. I just saw the giant caffeine molecule the other day--I thought it was pretty cool. When did it show up?

    1. It was installed during construction. The platform at the bottom is pretty fun: it features drawings from folks in the chemistry Dept. It's become a branding thing too: we give out plush coffee mug shaped Rutgers Chemistry stress balls to prospective students now. Hey,if it makes undergrads smile, then that's what counts.

    2. I had no idea what the drawings on the platform were; incorporating student work is a good idea.

      Memorable squishy toys are a challenging marketplace. I've walked the grad program booths at the Neurosciences meeting once or twice, and it looks like an arms race to come up with something attention-getting yet on-brand. (Protip: if you've got people at home to get souvenirs for, squishy toys pack well, don't weigh your luggage down, and are really easy to collect late in the meeting.)


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