Monday, January 17, 2022

Chemical plant fire in Passaic, NJ

Via the Bergen Record, this news of a chemical plant fire in Passaic, New Jersey over the weekend:  
Credit: New York Times
An 11-alarm fire in Passaic this weekend at a chemical plant packed with hazardous substances could have turned into one of the most catastrophic chemical disasters in the region in recent history, fire officials said. 

The crisis was averted due largely to the quick response Friday night by over 200 firefighters from some 100 neighboring towns who descended upon Majestic Industries and the Qualco chemical plant — which makes pool treatment supplies — to beat the blaze. 

With the fear of a potential chemical explosion goading them on, they battled soaring flames, frigid temperatures and iced equipment and prevented the fire from spreading to an area where as much as 3 million pounds of potentially hazardous substances are stored on an average day, according to state data. 

Glad that the firefighters were able to stop things from getting bad. Want to know what a chlorine plant has in its inventory? Click here. Do be sure to check out these photos from the frozen plant on the day after. 

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