Wednesday, August 30, 2023

C&EN: Show us where you work!

Via C&EN, a fun contest: 

C&EN wants to showcase the diversity of chemistry labs across the world, and across disciplines. Is your building particularly cool? Show us! Do you have something that’s unique to your lab, from a mascot to a fun way of celebrating key milestones? Share it with the world! Is your lab just the equipment that you take with you to work in the field? We don’t discriminate. Show us, and the readers of C&EN, where you work.

Some quick tips:

  • If your photo includes people in the lab, make sure they’re wearing appropriate safety equipment;
  • Including people, or everyday objects, can give a sense of scale;
  • Grain structure is for materials, send us images in as high a resolution as possible;
  • Make sure you tell us who you are and what makes this lab special to you.
Link here. Best wishes to those interested. 

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