Monday, August 21, 2023

Update on C&EN news

In this week's C&EN, a sad update to the news about Mohammed Yahia: 
C&EN’s staff learned on Friday, Aug. 11, that our new editor in chief, Mohammed Yahia, had died on the way to the meeting (see page 5). He is survived by his wife and two children. We know he died on a flight from London but not how it happened.
Later in the article, this update as to future directions: 
At C&EN, we have had to quickly regroup, suppressing our emotions to do our jobs of covering the world of chemistry. Our website and this week’s issue are full of stories from ACS Fall 2023. Other editors and I kept the meeting we were going to have with Mohammed and used the time to start charting a revised path forward for the magazine. I agreed to resume my role as interim editor in chief, and we have started anew the process of finding a permanent editor in chief.

We will now make many of the decisions that we had put off while waiting for Mohammed to take the helm. For example, C&EN will make some interim roles permanent and hire several new reporters and editors.
Best wishes to C&EN staff and leadership - this has got to be really tough. 

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  1. What a crazy story. Life is indeed fragile. Condolences to his family and colleagues.


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