Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Daily Pump Trap: 1/11/11 edition

Good morning! (Whoa, look at that date!) Between January 7 and January 10, there were 21 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of them, 13 (62%) are academically connected.

Sticky: Avery Dennison is looking for a M.S./Ph.D. polymer chemist with 2 years experience; looks to be a catch-all internal analytical/instrumental position.

What a name for a place!: "The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine invites applications for a position in the Enteric Diseases Department of the Naval Medical Research Center in Silver Spring, MD..." They're looking for a M.S./Ph.D. biochemist with experience in carbohydrate assay development -- sounds like fun.

SLC: The Thatcher Company is "a privately held manufacturer of industrial chemicals and medical supplies" in Utah; they're looking for a M.S. chemist with experience in surfactant chemistry and plant operations to be their technical director.

IFF: International Flavors and Fragrances is looking for a M.S./Ph.D. chemist with 5-10 years of experience to become their regulatory compliance specialist, especially regarding EU REACH. Who says government can't create jobs in the private sector?

Huh: Did you know there's an American University of Nigeria? I didn't. They're looking for teaching faculty.

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