Monday, July 30, 2012

Highlights of this week's C&EN

A little abbreviated, because of the Sangji news:
  • C&EN's Global Top 50 chemical firms -- did you know that Formosa Plastics is the 6th largest chemical company in the world, by sales? I didn't. 
  • I found this article on Professor Alan Kozikowski's skepticism on CNS drugs and psychiatry to be very interesting. As a starting point, I've not met a single CNS med chemist would would voluntarily take a CNS drug unless it were absolutely necessary. 
  • Lisa Jarvis' article on Martin Mackay's moves at AZ was interesting, too. There's a lot of bold predictions of success there by Mackay. 
  • OK, that's worth it: C&EN covers ACS' push into entrepreneurship with the Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP) and the Entrepreneurial Resources Center (ERC). " Twenty chemical start-up companies have been granted admission into ERC. Members involved in both of these programs have full access to all ACS journals and to Chemical Abstract Service’s SciFinder at no cost. Members in ERC may also access experienced chemical entrepreneurs as mentors, business advisers, and potential investors." Free access to SciFinder and ACS journals?!? Wow. 


  1. Unfortunately I have no subscription to the ACS and can't comment on the Kozikowski or Mad Mackay's reports.

  2. Is this fair to other start-up companies who have not received the ACS blessing of membership ito ERC and free full access to all ACS journals and SciFinder?

  3. @CJ: Dude, are you going to be at the Midwest Regional Meeting of the ACS in October? It's going to be held in Omaha. Hopefully the Career Fair (assuming there's going to be one) won't have that ghetto dry-erase board!

  4. Kozikowski's remark is correct. I was a Med. Chemist in CNS, and I would not have taken any of them. Unfortunately I ended up in a position of having to adsorb one of them and I must say it works, with no side effects. So they are not all bad.

  5. What is Mad Martin going to say? He can't be negative. But the success is going to come from outside the company, not from within, if previous reports are anything to go by. No real mention of the hundreds that lost their jobs, except for the Big boss and he deserved to be thrown out.
    If you can't do it yourself, Martin, don't do it at all.