Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ivory Filter Flask: 10/15/13 edition

Between October 8 and October 14, there were 56 new academic positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website. The numbers:

Postdocs: 3
Tenure-track: 53
Temporary faculty: 2
Lecturers: 2
Staff: 5
US/non-US: 51/5

Santa Cruz, CA: UC Santa Cruz is looking for an assistant professor of chemical oceanography. Fascinating.

Dallas, TX: The University of Dallas is looking for an assistant professor of chemistry; "Applicants with research interests at the interface between chemistry and biology, including chemical biology, bioenergetics, bionanotechnology, biomaterials, are particularly encouraged to apply."

Boise, ID: Boise State University is looking for a Ph.D. chemist to look after its research instrumentation, specifically its 300 and 600 MHz NMRs.

Favorite of crossword puzzles: The University of Maine (Orono, ME) is looking for 2 assistant professors of chemistry, an organic chemist and a physical chemist.

Auburn, AL: Auburn University is looking for postdoctoral fellows in organic synthesis, towards forensic drug chemistry. Interesting reasons.

Carson, CA: California State University - Dominguez Hills is looking for an assistant professor of organic chemistry. 

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